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Safest Cities in India for Women

Safest Cities in India for Young & Working Women

It is a sad state of affairs that one has to think about personal safety while deciding on a job in a new city. But, it is best to stay aware and vigilant. Moving to a new city for a job might be a good option from the perspective of career growth. However, it is also essential to research the respective city before shifting and understand which city is the safest in India for Women. You should check out crime rates, police efficiency, and transport availability before you move into the city. It will be best to enquire about the safety before you shift.

Crimes against women are always on the rise, so it's always better to be safe than sorry. We have made a list of some of the safest cities in India for working women. Look for yourself and decide which of these you consider the safest city in India for Young Women.

Safest Cities in India for Women

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9 Safest Cities in India for Working Women are as below;

1. Bangalore

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is a place that attracts a lot of working professionals because of the career opportunities in IT Companies in Bangalore. The crime rates in the city are also on the lower side with a vigilant police department. It's a good start when looking for parameters to judge the safest city in India.

More than half of the population of Bangalore consists of people from other cities. And this number is consistently rising. It further proves the city's safety standards and holds it in good stead to top the list of being the safest city in India.

The city's residential buildings have 24-hour camera surveillance that will put your mind at ease. Bengaluru can be the safest city in India for a woman, and you will enjoy your stay here. In case you are planning to shift to Bangalore, you can hire professional Agarwal Packers and Movers Bangalore to make your move easier and hassle free.

2. Chennai

Chennai has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, instantly making it a prime candidate for being the safest city in India for working women. It was also declared the safest city in Tamil Nadu for females recently. With its well-connected bus systems that cover almost every corner of the city, transportation here is as safe and convenient as it gets. It's yet another boost to help Chennai be the safest city in India.

You will also have a healthy choice of affordable and safe hostels and PGs. Chennai's rich culture is an attractive hub for anyone who wants to stay here. And, if you are thinking of shifting to chennai and want to make your relocation smoother then you can opt for Agarwal Packers and Movers Chennai , India best packers and movers company since 1984. The city ticks all the right boxes regarding safety for women. It makes it an excellent candidate for being the safest city in India.

3. Mumbai

They say Mumbai is a city kindest to outsiders, probably because almost everyone here is an outsider. But what makes it worthwhile to be considered the safest city in India for women?

The city's nightlife ensures that the police are always on the vigil and safe transport is readily available, no matter the time. These are the metrics you should consider before deciding on the safest city in India.

A city with a low crime rate, a vigilant police department, and an excellent transport system, Mumbai has all you need to give you a safe stay and be considered the safest city in India for women.
If any of you want to relocate to Mumbai from any city or state from India you can hire Agarwal Packers and Movers Mumbai to make your shifting easy and convenient.

4. Hyderabad

Hyderabad is on the rise of being the best IT hub in India. With many MNCs opting to have their business here, and the IT industry already on the rise, it is a haven for job seekers and people looking to advance their careers.

With all the attention on itself, the government has ensured to do its bit to make women feel safe and secure. It has a new metro line that is well-connected across the areas of MNCs and IT offices. The TSRTC bus services are the main transportation channel of the city that connects every nook and corner of Hyderabad. A well-rounded transportation system is a big positive for Hyderabad to be considered the safest city in India.

You also have an abundance of PGs and hostels for women, which add to safety and security. Accommodation is a factor when considering the safest city in India for women, and Hyderabad provides just that.

Many people are now shifting to Hyderabad for their career growth and for their Jobs. So, if you are also planning to relocate to Hyderabad, you can avail the services of Agarwal Packers and Movers Hyderabad to get your items shifted just by sitting back and enjoying.

5. Pune

Pune is a city on the rise. It is considered to be an industrial and urban hub of India and thus provides a lot of career opportunities for you. It has all the right reasons and factors to be considered the safest city in India.

The PGs and hostel facilities in the city are also well-managed and in abundance. Many open spaces and public parks add to the city's living standards and make women feel more secure. Single women will be able to find easy accommodations in this city. These are good signs that can make a city the safest in India.

The well-connected bus lines, pre-paid taxis, and auto rides are also good endorsements for safety in the city of Pune. Considering transport as a major factor in deciding the safest city in India, Pune will ace the test.

Above or for many more reasons, if you and your fellow colleagues want to relocate in Pune then you can get the best packing and moving services from Agarwal Packers and Movers Pune.

6. Ahmedabad

Widely known as the Manchester of India, Ahmedabad cannot be left out when deciding on the safest city in India.

The rapid industrialisation it has gone through provides plenty of career opportunities for women looking to make their mark. It has a rich textile market with many career opportunities. Let us see how it fares in the parameters for being the safest city in India.

The city has safe residential areas with gated communities that will make women feel more secure during their stay. The city is also rich in greenery and considerably less polluted than other cities in India. The offices and IT hubs are closer to these areas, making travel more convenient and thus safer for you. This makes it a good candidate for women's safest city in India.

The city also has a rich history and plenty of cultural sites for you to visit and enjoy. Ahmedabad is yet another good candidate for being the safest city in India. And people also start choosing to relocate to Ahmedabad with Agarwal Packers and Movers Ahmedabad by choosing its best Packing and Moving services.

7. Chandigarh

Titles of a Union Territory and the capital city of Punjab and Haryana provide a higher status to Chandigarh. It means that the government gives special attention to its development safety. This, in itself, tilts the scale towards Chandigarh when deciding on the safest city in India.

A rich history of artists also puts Chandigarh at a distinct advantage from other cities. People coming here will have a good time and enjoy the city's various cuisines. It is a city that nourishes you and your career pretty well. A city with good food is also the safest in India- for your taste pallets, at least!

It was also amongst the cleanest cities in India, under surveys of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The city is consistently working on policies regarding women's safety to make it the best city for working women in India. Thus, Chandigarh makes a good case for itself as being the safest city in India. That's why people want to relocate themselves in Chandigarh. And, if you guys are also looking for a reliable packing and moving company, we recommend you to hire Agarwal Packers and Movers Chandigarh for hassle free relocation.

8. Surat

Surat is well known to be an industrialized city in Rajasthan. Its jewelry and diamond polishing industries provide a lot of employment opportunities for everyone. Women looking to have a career in the relevant industry can come to Surat and enjoy a good stay. The city has practically zero unemployment rate. And a city where all the citizens are well engaged is indeed a city that can be considered the safest city in India.

Surat is one of the traditional cities of India with a rich culture and heritage. Let us see how much this helps make Surat the safest city in India for women.

The city provides you with safe and secure accommodations at places conveniently closer to the industry and office hubs. They are also relatively cheaper and more comfortable. It has a well-rounded transportation system, with bus services at the heart of it. Managed by Surat city bus services, it connects all the parts of the city and makes traveling hassle-free. Surat makes a strong case for being the safest city in India for women.

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9. Indore

A city located in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is well known for its IT industries. Because of the development of these industries, there has been a considerable improvement in the real estate of the areas near these IT offices. It means that women will not only have the opportunity to enrich their careers in Indore but also have safe and secure accommodations while doing so. It's a plus point for Indore to make it the safest city in India for women.

Since the accommodations are near the IT offices, you will be saved on long journeys and travels, adding to your safety. The government has also done its bit to make women feel secure here, especially with initiatives like " Mahila Thana", police stations solely dedicated to women's complaints. It is not far from being the safest city in India.

So, this was our effort to give you a list of the safest cities in India for Young and Working Women. You can pick any of these to have a good career growth and a safe stay. There are many metrics when deciding the safest city in India, be it crime rates, safe accommodation, or safe transportation. These cities have cleared these metrics, giving each of them a good chance of being the safest city in India. Ultimately, it is up to your judgment, and you need to decide which one of these is the safest city in India for you.

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