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Vastu Plan For East Facing House - Everything You Need to Know

You might have many expectations in your mind when you plan on purchasing a property. Interestingly, buying a house in India brings the implications of Vastu Shastra to the table. An East Facing house Vastu plan in 3D is the most preferred choice for many reasons.

An East Facing house vastu is said to bring positive vibes as it aligns with the sunrise's direction. If you want the best Vastu tips for East Facing homes, then you have arrived at the right place.

This post will reveal the best practices for designing your East Facing home according to Vastu.

Importance of Vastu for East Facing House

Before seeking Vastu plans for your East Facing home, you need a detailed understanding of the significance of Vastu Shastra. It is an ancient science rooted in India that deals primarily with the architecture of a home. The Vastu Shastra also emphasizes the significance of directions, energies coming from nature, and the elements.

The importance of Vastu Shastra is evident in the development of a pleasant and lively environment you can live in. Vastu Shastra perceives a combination of positive and negative energies everywhere and focuses on eliminating negative energies. Experts suggest that planning a home's design, according to Vastu, helps in fostering wealth, happiness, health, and prosperity for residents.

Is An East Facing Home Always Lucky?

The east is where the sun rises and signifies health, vitality, hope, prosperity, and new beginnings. However, it is also important to note whether east facing house Vastu works well in all cases. All the East Facing homes don't guarantee all the positive outcomes you expect. Why? The direction of your house is only one factor determining whether it will bring luck and fortune to you.

Vastu Plan for East Facing House

S. No Type of Room Preferred Direction as per Vastu Shastra
1 Main doors Right in the Center
2 Guest room, kitchen, living room North-West
3 Pooja Room North-East
4 Study room, dining room, children's room West
5 Kitchen, bathrooms, staircases South-East
6 Verandah, atrium, entrance lobby, balconies and other open spaces East
7 Staircases, overhead tanks South
8 Drawing room, living room, office North
9 Storerooms, garages, master bedrooms South-Wes

Vastu Tips for East Facing Homes

Vastu Shastra suggests that East Facing properties attract auspicious outcomes, particularly in apartments and buildings. Here are some Vastu tips for an East Facing home.

  • Use a magnetic compass to measure the accurate east direction of your home.
  • Design your staircase in the west or south of your home.
  • An East Facing house Vastu plan with a pooja room would place the pooja room in the northeast direction. Vastu Shastra suggests that the northeast direction invites mental peace and brings good luck to the home.
  • The home's open spaces, such as balconies, should always be designed on the east face of the home.
  • You must place the living room in the northeast as it brings prosperity and fortune to your East Facing home.
  • The ideal positioning for guest rooms is in the northwest direction.
  • You have to design the master bedroom in the southwest direction.
  • The placement of the kitchen in a Vastu plan for your East Facing home presents two distinct options. You can design the kitchen in the southeast or the northwest direction. It is important to ensure that the person cooking food must face a specific direction in each alternative. You have to face east in a kitchen in the southeast direction and west in a kitchen in the northwest.
  • The walls in the north and east directions must be comparatively thinner and shorter than the south and west walls.
  • Place bowls of rock salt at different corners of the house to absorb all negative energies.
  • If you have a student in the home, then you must add a crystal globe in the northeast direction.

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Things to Avoid in Vastu for East Facing Homes

According to Vastu, East Facing homes have an aura of positivity around them with the proper adjustments. However, Vastu Shastra also points out some important things you must avoid when designing East Facing homes. Here is an outline of Vastu's tips for avoiding specific directions in the placement of different rooms and other elements.

  • A good 30x40 east facing house vastu plan would never place the toilets in the northeast corner of the home.
  • In addition, Vastu also recommends avoiding the construction of septic tanks in an East Facing home.
  • Never choose the northeast direction for your kitchen in an East Facing home.
  • The ideal Vastu plan for East Facing homes would advise against placing a staircase in the northeast corner.
  • Vastu Shastra also implies that you cannot have a north-to-south slope on the plot.
  • Do not place mirrors in front of the bed so that you don't see your reflection while in bed.
  • You must avoid placing the garage in the northeast for an East Facing home.
  • Your East Facing property must not have any large trees planted in the east or north direction.
  • The northeast corner of an East Facing home should not be blocked or heavily packed.
  • The home's main entrance should not have obstacles such as poles, statues, or trees.

Dos and Don'ts for East Facing House Vastu in All Rooms

Planning your home's design, according to Vastu Shastra, comes with a huge responsibility. You must clearly understand the Vastu for different rooms in your East Facing home. Let us find out what you can and should not do for the Vastu-based design of different rooms.

Main Door

The placement of rooms is not the only priority in Vastu Shastra. You must also pay attention to the placement of the main entrance to your home. Avoid the southeast or northeast direction for the main door to your home.

It is important to ensure that the main entrance is far from the corners in the middle. You must ensure that the main entrance does not touch the northeast corner. The distance between the wall and the main door should be at least half feet. You can also consider some pointers for removing Vastu Dosh when you have the main entrance in the southeast direction.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the most significant aspects of a home. Vastu suggests that the southwest direction is the best choice for the placement of your master bedroom. In addition, you should also pay attention to making the bedroom bigger than the other rooms.

The ideal directions for placing the bed are the south or west walls. Make sure that the head of the bed is in the south or west direction. On top of it, you must ensure that the bathroom in this room never faces the bed. Its door should stay closed at all times. You must also avoid placing a mirror in front of the bed.

Pooja Room

The best pooja room east facing house vastu plan suggests the north-east direction as the best spot. In addition, you must ensure that the ceiling of the pooja room is lower compared to other rooms. Avoid the placement of a bathroom in front of the pooja room for your East Facing home.

Dining Room

The dining room in your East Facing home should be designed in the east direction. You should ensure that the dining room door never faces the main door. The seating arrangement in the dining room should avoid the south direction. Ideally, the head of the family should take a seat at the east end of the dining table.


Without proper alignment with Vastu Shastra guidelines, your kitchen might result in bad luck and misfortune.

The best-recommended positioning for the kitchen in your East Facing home is in the southeast direction. You can also go in the northwest direction as a reliable position for your kitchen. Avoid the north, west, and northeast direction while planning the kitchen's placement in your home.

Positioning of kitchen appliances is also an important highlight for Vastu-based design. Place refrigerators in the southwest direction. On the other hand, the cooking stove, microwave/oven, and toasters should stay in the southeast corner.

Water Tank

The water tank is an obvious necessity for your home. If you want an underground water tank, then north or northeast are the best positions for the tank. On the other hand, the west or southwest is the ideal direction for placing overhead water tanks. Most importantly, you should avoid placing a water tank at the center.


The positioning of toilets is also an important concern in Vastu plans for an East Facing home. The right direction for a toilet in your home is important as it removes unwanted negativity and waste from your home. You should avoid designing it at the northeast or southeast corners as it can bring negative consequences. The ideal directions for placing your toilet include west of northwest, south of southwest, or east of the southeast corners.

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Vastu Tips for East Facing Home FAQs

Truck Underline

The East Facing house is auspicious in the case of buildings and apartments. However, according to Vastu Shastra, East Facing independent villas and bungalows can face some concerns.

The east direction is the ideal direction for an entrance door in East Facing homes. You must avoid the southeast and northeast corners for the entrance door placement.

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