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7 Best Cities to Live in India

7 Best Cities to Live in India

India is a beautiful country having the best cities to live & work in, where you will witness a perfect combination of ethnicity and technology. There are many best cities to live in India as it has been a land of opportunity for all Indians as well as foreigners. Many multinational corporations have established footholds in India due to their favourable laws, market potential, skilled workforce, political stability, and easy availability of raw materials. Not only this, the government's aid to SMEs has increased the start-up culture in India. This makes the country a hotbed of opportunities.

7 Best Places to Live in India

India’s best cities to live, that have a reasonable standard of living and offer the best job opportunities. The list of 7 best cities to live in India are:

  • Bengaluru - Startup City of India
  • Mumbai - The City of Dreams
  • Pune - Queen of the Deccan
  • Chennai - Cultural Capital of India
  • Kolkata - City of Joy
  • Ahmedabad - Manchester of India

Top Cities in India to Live and Work

Bengaluru - Startup City of India

Even though this city is heavily populated, it is Karnataka's capital city. Bengaluru is one of the best cities to live in India. It is also the IT hub of the country with many IT giants like Infosys, Capgemini, Google, etc. The city offers many things, from shopping in the best malls like the Phoenix Marketcity Mall to entertainment, nightlife, and more. Another thing that attracts people is the pleasant weather. Besides, Bengaluru has beautiful parks, gardens, and lakes. Accommodations in this city can vary from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 35000 per family and bachelor.

Mumbai - The Financial Capital of India

Navi Mumbai, or New Bombay, is one of the biggest planned cities in the world which makes Mumbai one of the best cities to live in India. The dream city houses leading corporates like Accenture, Capgemini, and Reliance Jio that offer good career growth opportunities. The city also has multiple tourist attractions, such as Parsik hill, beautiful parks, a golf course, a central park, Pandavkada waterfalls, and more. Furthermore, the city is known for its amazing public and transportation infrastructure. Most parts of Navi Mumbai are covered by the Mumbai Suburban railway network, making travelling to work easy.

If you are planning to relocate, keep in mind that the cost of living in Navi Mumbai is high compared to other cities in Maharashtra. For instance, a 1 BHK shared accommodation or PG may cost you around Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12,000 per month, based on the area you choose. Rent will take up most of your budget. Here, you need to make an informed decision.

Pune - Queen of the Deccan

Pune is famous as Maharashtra’s cultural capital, and it has a rich heritage and history. This city has some of the country’s best IT companies, along with educational institutions. So, this is one of the best cities to live in India, considering weather conditions, employment, education, and transportation. Here you will find many historical sites, restaurants, parks, museums, and more. Speaking about the cost of living in Pune, you will find it quite similar to the cost of living in Bangalore.

If you spend wisely, you will find the cost of food, transportation, and accommodation affordable. After Mumbai, the second-largest and top city to live is Pune. However, the cost of houses is lower here. You can easily find suitable accommodation in the city under your budget.


Surat is the world’s diamond capital and also the fastest-growing city. Besides, it comes in second place in the list of the cleanest cities in the country. Surat is also famous for its textile industry. You will also find many religious places, delicious food items, and beautiful beaches here.

Economy-wise, this state is quite stable and has experienced a growth rate of 11.5 percent in GDP annually. The city is located near the Tapi River. One of the most popular residential areas is Adjan, and some other popular locations are Palanpur, Varachha, Vesu, Rander, Nagpur, and more. In these locations, you will find independent houses and residential apartments. Additionally, fully furnished properties are also on offer.

You can take advantage of private vehicles, city bus services, and BRTS services to commute to any part of the city. It is projected that, within the next few years, the city will become a smart city.

The rent of one BHK house in Surat can range from Rs. 10000 to Rs.20000 based on the location. However, you will find this city much more affordable compared to Mumbai and Bangalore.

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Chennai - Cultural Capital of India

When it comes to the list of the best cities to live in India, you can’t ignore Chennai. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is quite famous for its classical music, wonderful temples, unique culture, and mesmerizing beaches. Chennai also has many malls, beaches, pubs, parks, and some major tourist locations like Guindy National Park, Marina Beach, Kapaleeshwarar temple, and more. More specifically, Chennai is also one of the wealthiest cities in India, with a GDP of Rs.59,444 crores. The economy of this city greatly depends on the automobile industry.

On the other hand, this city has efficient connectivity with auto-rickshaws, buses, private taxis, and an international airport. Compared to other cities, the cost of living in this city is quite cheap. The cost of a 1 BHK apartment may range between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 12000. You can also find cheap co-living spaces here.

Kolkata - City of Joy

West Bengal’s capital Kolkata is also known as the City of Joy. Besides, it is also the country’s cultural capital. Music, street food, the metro train, sweets, unique literature, and the tram are just a few of the city's popular attractions. Situated on the bank of the Hooghly River, it is a perfect city to live in and work in India.

Here you will find some well-known companies such as Coal India, National I within the next few years, Insurance Company, ITC Limited, Britannia, and Allahabad Bank. As one of the richest cities in India, the GDP of Kolkata is around USD 150 billion. Apart from its monetary value, the city is rich in culture, architecture and art.

In terms of rent, 1 BHK property can be found for under Rs. 15000. A full-furnished apartment here can cost you around Rs. 30000 per month. The fact is, the cost of living in Kolkata is quite low.

Ahmedabad - Manchester of India

Ahmedabad is situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River and is also called the Manchester of the East. If you are looking for an affordable place to live in India, then this could be the perfect destination. The primary tourist attraction of this place is the Sabarmati Ashram. Besides, it has other popular places like Lal Darwaja Market, Manek Chowk and more. On the other hand, the cost of living in Ahmedabad starts from Rs. 3000. With Rs. 51, 432 crores of GDP, this is a developing city in India.

Now you explore some of the best cities to live and work in India; it’s up to you to choose one based on your personal preference and budget. All the cities offer a good standard of living and have accommodation options for everyone.

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