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50+ House Warming Wishes, Quotes, Messages and Greetings

It is always a good feeling when you see your loved ones settling down in life and achieving their dreams. It is even better when you share their happiness. One such occasion is a housewarming party. When your friends or relatives ask you to share their joy and come to their housewarming party, it is a joyous occasion to get together and celebrate.

Everyone wants to congratulate their friends and family at a housewarming but finds themselves struggling for words. Sometimes, because of the occasion, you tend to get overwhelmed and do not know how to articulate your feelings. You want to congratulate your friends and give them your blessings but struggle to find the right words. Worry not, for you have got yourself covered. We have come up with over 50 housewarming quotes and wishes you can use to express your feelings. These quotes can be used on many housewarming occasions, depending upon the situation.

Here you can read along and find the right house warming wishes which are categorized by the nature of new home wishes:

Insightful and Witty Housewarming Quotes

1. Housewarming Wishes for Acquaintances

You do not want to be awkward and say too little when going to the housewarming of a new neighbour or an acquaintance, nor do you want to give a pompous greeting. Here are some greetings suitable for the housewarming of an acquaintance.

  1. Please accept my warmest regards for your new house. Hope this beginning brings immense happiness to your life.
  2. Your new house is aesthetic and gives fresh vibes, just like you. Congratulations and best wishes on your housewarming for you!
  3. I congratulate you on moving into a new house. I hope it brings you happiness throughout your life.
  4. Many congratulations on your beautiful and sweet new home!
  5. I give heartfelt congratulations on your new home. I hope you make many beautiful memories here.
  6. I wish you all the best in settling in and making it your own. Congratulations on your new home!!
  7. Congratulations on settling into a new home! I wish the best experiences and sweet comforts for your entire family in this home.
  8. A very happy housewarming! May your roof keep you protected and the cosy walls give you joy and comfort.
  9. Congratulations! I wish for love and care to be abundant in this house.
  10. A home is a place full of joy, love, and memories. Congratulations on getting your heaven.

2. Housewarming Messages over text

Sometimes it so happens that you are not physically present at the housewarming of your loved ones. In such scenarios, you can send them your housewarming wishes via text message. These messages can be short and sweet or long and loving. Let us see some of the appropriate housewarming wishes via text message.

  1. Congratulations on finding a place that you can call home. I am immensely happy for you!
  2. Hey buddy, I send good vibes to you and your family on a new beginning in life. I wish your home charms you with lots of success and prosperity.
  3. May your new house always be noisy with laughter and warm with love. Congratulations on a wonderful house.
  4. Congratulations on your new house friend! Wish you the best of luck, and hope your neighbours are kind and friendly.
  5. There is something peaceful about putting your feet up and taking a rest at the end of a hard day of work. Especially if that place is your home. Congratulations on finding such a place!
  6. Wish you a joyful moving day and a smooth settling into your new house.
  7. I am delighted to know you have found the perfect home for yourself, hope you have the perfect life in it too!
  8. I am so excited for you to move into your own home! May the gods bless you!
  9. I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person but know that I am there in spirit, wish you the very best of times in your new abode. Happy housewarming!
  10. May the gods give you the best of times in your new house. Happy housewarming.

3. Personalised Housewarming Wishes

We all have special people in our lives for whom we wish the very best. When we give housewarming wishes to such people, they have to be personalised and from the heart. Finding the right words at such times can be an overwhelming experience. Worry not. We have you covered. We have hand-picked the best housewarming wishes you can give to people close to you.

  1. These steps into your new home are reminiscent of the steps you took in your life that brought you where you are, and they always lead you home. Congratulations on finding the best one!
  2. I hope you get all the contentment, love, and friendship you deserve in this new place. May you make the best memories of your life here. Happy housewarming!
  3. I hope your new abode attracts the best things life offers and keeps away all that is bad for you. Have a very happy housewarming, friend!
  4. May this new house protect you from all the storms of life and make you blossom into a happy and content phase of life. Enjoy the journey, buddy! Happy housewarming!
  5. I hope this new house lets the sun flood your life with warmth and vibrance. May the walls protect you and your family from all sorts of troubles. May your roof shelter you from difficult times. Happy Housewarming!
  6. Congratulations friend! I am so ecstatic you have found the perfect home. You finally have a peaceful place to enjoy life with your own family. May the gods always look after you and your home!
  7. Congratulations on moving into your new house! With this, you are entering a phase of life that I hope brings you all the joys of domestic life and keeps you safe and secure.
  8. I feel so happy to see you moving into your dream house. May you get all that is best for you in this house. Congratulations on finding the home of your dreams.
  9. Congratulations on getting beautiful for you and your family! I hope the times in this house are just as beautiful and exciting. Wish you the very best!
  10. May your new house never lack in good times and fortune. May it always shower the best comforts and joy on you and your family. Congratulations on starting a new adventure, friend! Happy housewarming!

4. Short Housewarming Greetings

Sometimes the best Housewarming wishes are the short ones. Simple one-liners that are apt and to the point act as the perfect Housewarming wishes for many people. They are easy to remember and can be used by anyone. Look out for these soothing one-line housewarming wishes. They can be useful whenever you want a quick exit (wink wink).

  1. I hope you have a fruitful new life in your new home.
  2. I pray that your new home becomes a fountain of happy memories.
  3. May your new house never lack joy and laughter.
  4. May you and your family find the bliss of domestic life in this new abode.
  5. I send my best wishes and regards for your new house.
  6. May you have the easiest time settling into your new home.
  7. May your new house become a healthy abode of health, happiness, and prosperity.
  8. May god keep blessing your house with an abundance of joy and fulfilment.
  9. Best wishes on moving into the house you always wanted!
  10. I hope this new home takes care of you like an old friend. Happy housewarming!

5. Housewarming Wishes that make you tickle

Humour is an asset in housewarming wishes. It kills the awkwardness and creates a friendly atmosphere. Adding humour to your housewarming wishes can add a human touch and make them better. We have selected a few funny housewarming wishes that you can use without guilt. We swear we won't sue you for copyrights.

  • Congratulations on the new home, friend! I officially welcome you to the mortgage club! There's a saying- laughter is the best medicine, and home is where the heart is, so I hope you keep laughing healthily at home for years!
  • Free advice- If you keep unpacked boxes from this move, you will be well prepared for the next one. We believe in efficiency! Happy Housewarming, friend!
  • Do you know what turns a house into a home? Replacing the letters 'U' and 'S' with 'M'. Trust me, you need the spelling lesson. Happy Housewarming!
  • You sent a note asking for volunteers to help you move. Well, I volunteer this note in my place. I know it won't help you move, but it will put a smile on your face. Happy housewarming from a lazy friend.
  • Moving requires a lot of work, and I would never want you to be jobless. Enjoy the moving day, friend, and happy housewarming!
  • They say that home is where the heart is, well then, moving would require a trip to the cardiologist. Happy Housewarming from the bottom of my heart, friend. Hope you can receive it with yours.
  • I hope you have a smooth shift into your new house, sans any trouble. That should start after the move. The ghost in the attic calls. Happy housewarming!
  • We welcome you to your new house friend! Enjoying a life of mortgages, I have heard the neighbours are friendly on the eighth day of the week. Enjoy your new life!
  • Many congratulations on getting your new house, do send the Wi-Fi password over the mail, won't you? Thanks.
  • I hope you have a perfect sleep in your new home, don't let the bed bugs bite. Save something for the neighbour's dog. Happy Housewarming!

So, these were the best Housewarming wishes we found for various occasions and moods. Use the right one for the event and give your friends the best Housewarming they deserve.

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