Agarwal Packers and Movers


"Your Passion and commitment will make all the differenceā€¯

Franchisee will be given only for those locations, where apm office is not there.

Franchisee must have the basic knowledge of packing & moving industry and zeal to be a enterprenuer.

Interested candidate have to fill the form provided in the form section & after evaluating the background , financial status and experience of the applicant, management will decide on alloting the franchiseeship.

Once the franchisee is selected, apm will arrange the training program for him/her & the team members.

One key account person will be deputed from apm side to monitor day to day transactions.

APM will assist the franchisee in all india level sales promotion but local promotions has to be done by franchisee only


> Franchisee has to pay amount ( non refundable ) fees once he/she is selected for the franchisee.
> Franchisee must have his own office of 200- 500 sq.ft & godown space of approx. 500 sq.ft to keep packing material & goods.
> Franchisee will have to do local promotion on his own but national level promotion will be done by apm.
> Franchisee has to pay the rent, electricity bill, water bill, local conveyance, staff wages, welfare & telephone bill. apm will not reiemburse the cost of the same. one mobile sim will be provided by apm, which will be used exclusively for sales promotion.
> Franchisee has to maintain the cip as per apm & follow apm culture, sop, process & systems
> Franchisee has to either buy the packing material from apm or use the material as per apm standards & specifications

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